What are Chapters?

We operate through Chapters.  Each Chapter is a semi-autonomous group that operates under the Charter of the One Parent Families Association of Canada.  It has its own directors who manage the Chapter in accordance with general direction from the National Board of Directors.  (The Chapter President is also a member of the National Board of Directors).   Chapters do their own fundraising and use those funds to support the needs of single parents in their community and Chapter.

In most Chapters, many events, especially Family events, are subsidized by the Chapter fundraising.   Chapter Members “In Good Standing”, i.e., those who have paid their annual membership fees and completed volunteer requirements, are generally eligible for the subsidies.

There is ample opportunity for members to volunteer their services at the Chapter or National level, whatever their level of expertise, and opportunity to learn and grow as well as have fun.

Chapters hold regular meetings where activities are planned and discussed.  We have friendly and informal meetings.  There is the opportunity for members to provide input into the type of activities that the chapter does and the opportunity to meet and socialize with a diverse group of people.

We provide many family and adult activities, both educational and social. Our kids activities are varied and can even include major activities or more informal events like pumpkin carving for Halloween.   We go camping, we play volleyball and baseball, we have great speakers, but most importantly, we have FUN!!! Throughout these activities we create a feeling of belonging, thereby enabling our members to handle any experiences they may face.