Option 1: Become a Local Event Organizer

Being a local event organizer gives you access to post and lead events that will be shared across our OPFA community. Local Event Organizers typically belong to a chapter. However, if there is no chapter in your area yet, you can still run local events with support from our National team. Please contact us to learn more about leading events in your local community. (Or hosting online events until we can meet in person again)

Option 2: Start a Chapter

Essentially, it takes about 15 people to start a chapter, with four or five of them wanting to take executive positions in the chapter to get it off the ground.

There’s no chapter near me?   Can I start one?

YES! We are passionate about helping one parent families come together to find support in their communities.

We’ll even help — with information and start up funds.   Each chapter is a semi-autonomous organization under the One Parent Families Association charter.   They have their own executive, they have bylaws, and they do their own fundraising, often using the Association’s charitable number.   They then decide how best to spend those funds on their membership.   The chapter has meetings, plans events for adults and families, joins other chapters in activities (camping, volleyball and baseball tournaments, etc.) and can subsidize those activities if it chooses through its fundraising.

Option 3: Volunteer

We are always looking for volunteer help! You can choose to help your local chapter at events, with advertising, promotion, contacting businesses for prizes or partnership or with whatever else you may want to do. We also accept student volunteers and high school students looking for credits or work experience. If you have a skill set you would love to gain experience for, you can also volunteer at a National level to help with digital marketing, social engagement, graphic design, content creation, blog writing and more!

Option 4: Sponsor or Donate

We know that you can’t always give your time, but still want to support the things you love. As a registered Canadian charity, we rely on the support and donation of others to continue to operate.

Private Donations (from Individuals):

We also accept donations. Online donations are coming soon… in the meantime, please contact treasurer@oneparentfamilies.ca to make a monetary donation.

Corporate Sponsorships and Donations (from Businesses):

We are currently looking for corporate sponsors interested in supporting local chapters as well as the organization overall.

Monetary sponsorships and donations: We are accepting monetary sponsorships and donations to help cover operating and marketing costs, as well as subsidize events and speakers for our members.

Donate Goods and Services: Businesses are also welcome to donate goods and services that we use as prizes for fundraising events like auctions and draws.

Offer Discounts: Being a single parent is challenging. Many places offer discounts for the traditional family of four. If you are able to offer discounts to our members who are flying solo with their kids, please contact president@oneparentfamilies.ca for more information.

Donate space/experiences: Our local chapters are always looking for free, cheap or discounted venues to hold events at for our single parents and their kids of all ages. If you are a local business with space where we could hold potlucks, seminars, workshops, picnics, outdoor facilities etc. then we want to hear from you!

Speakers and related services for Single Parents: We are looking to partner with businesses and individuals that also support single parents. Family lawyers, financial planners focused on supporting single parents, support groups etc.

Please contact president@oneparentfamilies.ca for corporate opportunities and partnerships.