Our Board of Directors

The OPFA has a National Board who has the responsibility for overseeing all activities of the organization including compiling and submitting our financial information to the Canada Revenue Agency as we are required to do as a national charity.   The Chapters are a part of the OPFA but operate independently under the guidelines provided by national.  For a comparison, think of the analogy of Franchiser / Franchisee.  Chapter Presidents are also members of the Board of Directors of the Association.


Sandra Eamor, President

After running a single parents group on Meetup for 4 years, Sandra agreed to lead the Toronto Area Chapter of the OPFA and bring it back to life after several years of inactivity. In 2020, she stepped up to be our National President and is working to help reorganize and modernize the organization. She works full time in IT and also helps small businesses and other charities implement better systems and technologies so they can work smarter.

Reach out to Sandra for sponsorship or partnership opportunities, to start a chapter or learn more about becoming a board member: President@oneparentfamilies.ca

Monica Dolejsi, Vice President

Monica has more than 15 years of experience creating memorable and compelling stories in lifestyle, documentary, reality programming and more.  As our Vice President, Monica helps lead the organization through various tasks and activities.

Terry Mayer, Treasurer

A long standing member, Terry has been with the OPFA for many years. He is passionate about supporting the organization. His valuable knowledge about the organization and strong financial background keeps the OPFA running smoothly.

Ramona D’Souza, Membership Director

Ramona has over 15 years of experience in IT Systems Integration, including API Management, middleware and ESB. As our Membership Director, she is the main point of contact for our members. Ramona supports our members by assisting with strategic planning for the growth of the organization and working with our chapters to implement these plans to ensure our members are happy. Please reach out to Ramona to learn more about becoming a member: Members@oneparentfamilies.ca


There are still other positions that can be filled by appointment — there are many opportunities to apply your expertise in a fun and rewarding group! Please reach out to Sandra at: President@oneparentfamilies.ca

Open Positions:

  • Marketing Director
  • Volunteer Management Director
  • Funding and Grant Management Director
  • Fundraising and Events Director